BRC / Spa Rally 2016

New session of full-scale tests for Cédric Cherain and André Leyh

By browsing through on 8 occasions the 2 kilometers of the trial base being use as Shakedown to the Spa Rally on 2016 this Thursday afternoon, Cédric Cherain and André Leyh clearly demonstrated that they attack the second round of the Belgium rally championship with the biggest seriousness. After good debuts on the roads of Hesbaye, the Ford Fiesta R5 Evo of the Italian team D-Max is thus back on the Belgian ground, to pursue her preparation with the aim of a clearly more international campaign, because centered on WRC2's rounds …

" Thanks to the structure which surrounds us, in particular to Philippe Deru, my co-pilot of the Legend Boucles, a network of local partners was able to be weaved, what allows us to add the Spa Rally to our program, explains Cédric Cherain. Like to Landen, it is about an excellent opportunity of making tests in racing conditions, in the face of opponents who have a very professional approach. In this way, while accumulating kilometers behind the wheel of the car in a total competition context, one can best prepare the next round of the WRC 2 which wait for us, to begin with the Rally of Portugal in May. Having said that, that we do not make a mistake there, if the possibility of picking up an excellent result appears, we shall not miss to seize it! It's good for morale and especially good for partners! "

It on Thursday afternoon, during the official session of training of this Spa Rally which looks delicate, with a route for big boys, we have to admit that everything took place well for Cédric Cherain and his faithful André Leyh … " By being already ready when the Shakedown began, we were able to take advantage of it a maximum in good conditions. With regard to(compared with) Haspengouw, we modified the set-up of the car, betting on more flexible settings which should well suit here. Certainly, there were no official stopwatches in the afternoon, but the confidence is there. We were able to drive at the most of the potential of the automobile, by feeling at ease. Of what make us rather confident … "

Major peculiarity of the Spa Rally 2016 : the first stage will consist of five special competed almost all in the darkness … "He is clearly going to need to show humility and caution on Friday evening, pursues Cédric. It is indeed rare nowadays to attack a rally by a complete stage in the black, with special new ones for everybody. It is a particular exercise, and there will be a lot to lose on Friday for whom wish to attack very very straightaway. Let's say, Freddy Loix, Kris Princen and maybe Vincent Verschueren, who will be once more our main opponents, are not going to wait for us on the way. Thus it will be necessary to keep a certain margin … but to go fast all the same. Sacred dilemma!"

It is around 6 pm on Friday when the Ford Fiesta R5 Evo D-Max wearing the colors of the company of joinery and general construction Inhabitant of Liège, of BigMat Beaufays and the other local partners, will dash in the assault of the first sections of this Spa Rally on 2016. The arrival is scheduled on Saturday at the time of 8:30 pm in the term of 17 special, among which broadcast one live from 1:30 pm. It's going to have of the sport in the region of Spa …


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