The WRC 2 championship

The best races and the greatest drivers in the world.

These rallies, organized in 14 different countries in Europe and on other continents, are the most beautiful and the most demanding in the world. They combine extreme technicality, breathtaking sceneries and a distance that gives the word endurance it's meaning.

The small world of WRC 2 championship discovered in 2016, a newcomer Cedric Cherain. He will participate at seven rounds who have to be nominated beforehand by the crew.

For budgetary reasons, only European rallies are scheduled. But all are legends of motorsport! Judge for yourself: Portugal, Poland, Finland, Germany, France (Corsica), Catalonia and the UK.

So many legendary races, offering very specific routes and very different from one other.

The challenge is big because to start this kind of event, one must be prepared, both physically and psychologically. We must approach these motorsport monuments humbly and with the right mindset in order to store as much information and experience for the future.

This is Cedric's challenge for the 2016 season to enable him to move on the right path and try to put his name on the winner list of one of those races right from the second season in the WRC.

He believes in it, we all believe in it, because his talent is there and should soon be exhibitied at this level. See you at the Rally of Portugal!


Cédric and André's calendar 

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