Ford Fiesta R5 M-Sport

In 2016, a new car and new sensations!

A champion always grows thanks to both his talent and his work. Having achieved tremendous things in Belgium, time has come for this crew to get test of the World Rally Championship. WRC 2 is a huge challenge, both financially and sportily, but that seems worth meeting it and Cédric's capacities are for sure there. 

Ford Fiesta R5 in its new release was chosen because it is more efficient and more reliable than it's predecessor.

This car, recognized for an exceptional reliability, is Ford's weapon in WRC 2 and already announces a serious candidate in the victories and the places of honor for the next season.

To convince themselves, Cédric and André took the direction of England responding to the invitation of M-SPORT and his CEO Malcolm Wilson.

In the frame of the development of this new car, M-SPORT called on to 8 reference pilots to test the reliability and the qualities of the car, and also to benefit from the most complete feedback. 

On an old stage in the forest of the RAC rally, they took advantage of almost 170 kilometers of test drives to discover, to modify, and to test this car which seems particularly well born

The work made by the crew during this day was deeply appreciated by the team which prepares the official Ford Fiesta in WRC. A good omen for a close collaboration in 2016… 


The Ford Fiesta R5 EVO 2 in details

Figures and performances of the new release are incredible. Thanks to its improvements, M-Sport proposes the best engine ever designed and built by the team today.

Technical specifications


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