A crew that makes all lands its own territory

Two victories in the Belgian championship on 5 rallies competed in 2015

This edition of the 2015 Belgian Rally Championship looked good. Promoted official representatives of the brand DS on the DS3 R5 of Team D-Max, did not need it more for Cédric Cherain and André Leyh so that their thirst of victory is multiplied tenfold.

Landen, with its traditional opening test Haspengouw Rally, saw Cédric and André taking the measure of their new race car. Directly in the blow, they had to face an unchained competition.

Discovering the car, they took away very honorable one the fourth place not without having signed some particularly encouraging times.

The team began to make one with the DS3 R5, of good one expects for the continuation of this championship of which he murmured straightaway that they were among the favorites of the championship.

It is then in Spa, in their garden, that we find our crew, decided well to compete with the references that are Loix, and Princen.

The least we can say, it is that the set was more than coherent and had perfectly likened the experience of the first sleeve.

Monopolizing the scratch times, it is in the term of a fight with tenth of seconds that our two thieves fail on the second place of the general classification, a few seconds away from the victory.

Clearly they were in on it, on the gravel as on the asphalt, of this course technical and stuffed with traps. The second step of the podium was acquired and the DS crew ramp up could only lead them on the highest step quickly.

Namur, and more exactly Jambes welcomed the following round on the occasion of very media Rally of Wallonia

Raring to go, Cedric and André not having e to realize of preliminary tries, they decided to work on an increasing rhythm allowing them to cover this deficit.

In ambush on Saturdays evenings, it is when weather conditions degraded that Cédric's talent made speak the powder, putting in check Freddy Loix. The victory so waited was there, and the highest step of the podium offered itself finally to the crew DS Belux. 

Of good omen for Ypres, the summer and its radiant sun were very there, on magnificent Big square of Ypres, and the DS got ready to unstitch it with the European cheese-topped, when a general electronic problem nailed the crew on the low side in the first one special. It was necessary to throw the glove, and it is with the great disappointment that the crew left the city of cats.

East Belgian Rallye owed their more favorable being. Regrettably, the DS being lacking performance, it is not that on the fifth place that our crew ended the rally. Disappointed by this test, the reaction owed be up to it. Cédric and André were going to reserve for us a big surprise for the Condroz Rally, favorite rally of the Belgians in Huy's region.


A merciless victory in Condroz at the wheel of a WRC

The decision was made to align a DS3 WRC always from Italian Team D-Max. Straightaway, the press seized the information. It's worn by a real general craze that the crew took the departure of the test of fence.

Right from the second special, they tear away the head of the race, and continues to align best times one after the other.

In spite of a tray of the strongest competitors, it is the real hold-up which is realized by the pilot from Liège, which has never lowered the rhythm, and thwarted the crowd of the traps which give to Condroz its reputation of rally most requiring from the season. 

With about two minutes in advance, at the arrival of the last special, the crew could finally savor its most sensational victory in front of his public, his fans and all the sponsors without whom this participation would not have been possible.

Champagne and get ready for 2016 !


The awards of Cédric in détails


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